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The Best of Arch Street’s Wall Sconces

Every home has hallways, and wall sconces are the perfect fixtures for those spaces. Our manufacturers supply several different styles of wall sconces that will fit any room’s design.

Does your home hold a rustic, old-fashioned feel? Then, try out a farmhouse wall sconces. They give a historic aura to match your interior design.

Overall, Arch Street Lighting wants to help you find the best wall sconce that goes well with your home’s decor.

We carry a variety of shapes, sizes, designs, and colors so you won’t leave empty-handed. Indeed, they are a great way to ensure your hallways and wide rooms stay lit. In fact, wall sconces are the equivalent to indoor porch lights.

However, these lights have more usage! Sconces are best placed with enough space between and parallel to each other. 

Continue reading to learn more about placement.

Where the Wall Sconce Finds its Spot

Listed below are some examples of how we use wall sconces in different rooms:

  • Bedroom: Placing a pair of wall sconces on either side of your bed makes for the right amount of light when going to sleep. They can be used for reading or other activities before bedtime. 
  • Hallway: You want to ensure your sconces are far enough away from one another, or high enough so no one runs into them. They work well in creating symmetry and dim illumination.
  • Living room: A perfect use is accent lighting or even main lighting if your living room isn’t used as frequently. It’s the chance to complement your decor with a specific wall sconce or two. Unless it’s primarily decorative, you can benefit from having two sconces for balance.
  • Bathroom: While bathroom lighting is separate, you can still incorporate wall sconces to save space due to their small size.  

All in all, Arch Street Lighting is dedicated to helping you find the best parts of your home to place wall sconces. 

Outstanding service. Honest owners and service provided by all. They’ve been in business a long time and go out of their way to earn and keep customers. I recommend this business without hesitation.

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Great place to buy lighting fixture cheaper than Amazon the owner’s name is Michael and is a staff is extremely helpful top of the line products at great prices.

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I’ve worked with Arch St lighting on both private and commercial projects and have had a wonderful customer experience, found unparalleled pricing, and sourced unique luminaries. Thank you to the wonderful team at ASL!!!

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