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The Best of Arch Street’s Table Lamps

All in all, table lamps are multi-purpose, space saving lamps ideal for living rooms, family rooms, bedrooms, and home offices. Their price should coordinate with their function. Spending money on a reliable table lamp is always worth it in the end when you work with Arch Street.

Our company supplies the latest and greatest trends for table lamps which will brighten up your home. Our lamps range from vintage and rustic to modern and classic. No matter the design of your space, there is always the right table lamp to match.

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Table lamp recommendations for any room include:

  • Living room: If you have taller ceilings, ideally taller table lamps with intricate details fill the space more. Since living rooms tend to be used less often, you may keep more expensive furniture in here. This is why your table lamps provide ample lighting and complement each other with the rest of your pieces. 
  • Family room: Table lamps for family rooms are great for ambiance, utility, and additional lighting. Room too dark? Switch on a gentle table lamp with an adjustable brightness. Need to flip through a magazine? Twist your designated reading lamp on for help. 
  • Bedroom: Bedroom table lamps come in handy especially before you go to sleep. No one likes getting out of bed once you’re all comfortable to turn off the light switch. Therefore, invest in a small to medium sized bedside lamp. They’re easy to click on and off without reaching too far.
  • Home office: Home office table lamps must be functional with an added pop of design. It ensures that you use the lamp to its full ability while also admiring it. Office lamps should serve the purpose of providing light, and you don’t want to get too distracted by them.

Overall, table lamps serve multiple spaces in different manners. Arch St Lighting carries any design, style, and size to match your interior. Not only should it bring light to your life, it should also look good!

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Outstanding service. Honest owners and service provided by all. They’ve been in business a long time and go out of their way to earn and keep customers. I recommend this business without hesitation.

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Great place to buy lighting fixture cheaper than Amazon the owner’s name is Michael and is a staff is extremely helpful top of the line products at great prices.

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I’ve worked with Arch St lighting on both private and commercial projects and have had a wonderful customer experience, found unparalleled pricing, and sourced unique luminaries. Thank you to the wonderful team at ASL!!!

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